The Seoul Store

SM Duty Free Building 1B-6 Floor, 41 Insadong 5 Gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Business Hours
09:00 ~ 20:00

Contact No.        +82-1522-0800

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Directions to SM Duty Free Seoul Store

Personal Vehicle

Go straight down Jonggak intersection or if you are coming from Jongno-2ga, turn right at Jonggak intersection.
Take a right at Gongpyeong Gallery and you will see SM Duty Free (previously Hana Tour Building) directly to your right.
- If you are coming from Gyeongbokgung or Jogyesa, you will not be able to make a left turn before Gongpyeong Gallery

Public Transportation

1line: Jonggak Station (Exit 3 or Exit 3-1)

- On Foot

On Foot Map

- On Vehicle

- On Vehicle Map

Seoul Store Floor Guide

  1. 6F
    Café / VIP Lounge / Membership·Gift Desk
  2. 5F
    Korean Drama Mall
  3. 4F
    Food / Electronics / Fashion Goods / Liquor / Tobacco
  4. 3F
    Korean Cosmetics / Fashion Acc. / Sunglasses / Watch / Jewelry
  5. 2F
    Cosmetics / Perfumes
  6. 1F
    Luxury Fashion
  7. B1
    Luxury Boutique / Luxury Watch